Helpful numbers and links for when you move in

Register for Council Tax
You can register online using the below link

Register for Council Tax by Phone
Goole Office - 01482 394 747

You can also visit the council office

Find out more about council Tax below:

You must register for Water

Or Call
Customer Helpline - 0345 1 24 24 24

Register for Gas And Electric
If you have Gas card or pre payment electric key you MUST register.

To find out who is your supplier please call
Electric: 0845 3300889
Gas: 08706081524

Once you know who your supplier is please call the relevant supplier details below:
Eon: 0844 381 4308
NPower: 0800 316 8558
British Gas: 0800 316 8558
Scottish Power: 080 027 4500

If you smell Gas contact Transco Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999 (Freephone). Don't turn on any electric switches on or off. Don't smoke. Don't use naked flames. Turn off the gas supply at the meter. Open doors & windows to get rid of the gas.


If you have a television you must get a TV license. You can do this over the internet or call 0844 800 6790


Please also note your bin collection date you can find this at:


Find out more about what to put in each bin below: